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Hello everyone and welcome to Hot Jordans Online! It has been a long time since I have put any use to this website and I think it is about time that I do. I think that we can all agree that there is one particular shoe company that goes above and beyond anything any other competing company has ever even come close to. This company that I am talking about is Nike of course.

Now people may have their own personal preferences as far as shoes go and I think a lot of people probably would argue against Nike and would even have some choice words for them because of some of their overseas practices. I am going to choose to ignore all of that criticism and talk about why I will never buy a different pair of shoes again.

There is absolutely no arguing against the fact that they are the biggest shoe company in the world and have had success that other companies can only dream about and this is because of many reasons. They have taken over sports and no one doesn’t immediately think of Nike when they see that white swoosh with a black background. They are iconic and have absolutely changed the world in more ways than 1.

I am not a professional athlete by any means but used to play basketball and run track in high school and you better believe I have been rocking Nike ever since I can remember. Make sure you stick around to hear about why Nike, in my opinion, is the greatest company that is out there today.